Why Should You Hire a Probate Lawyer?

The best method to make sure your loved ones are taken care of in the case of your death or incapacity is to have an estate plan. However, the probate process is difficult and frequently causes arguments amongst family members. A knowledgeable Chicago Probate Attorney can help you navigate the procedure and make sure that everything is done legally.

Once all taxes and unpaid debts have been settled, the process of distributing a deceased person’s assets to their heirs is known as probate. You can get assistance from a Chicago probate lawyer in understanding the legal requirements for allocating assets and property, settling disputes involving the estate, and carrying out the final desires of the deceased. The attorney is also qualified to address any disagreements that can come up during this procedure.

The lawyers at Dan Walker Law Office are experienced in estate planning and probate. The firm can help you prepare a living will, power of attorney for health care and property, trusts, and domestic partnership agreements. The firm has more than 26 years of experience and serves clients throughout Illinois. The attorneys at this firm are dedicated to ensuring that the estate of a deceased person is properly transferred and that any claims against the estate are settled.

The attorneys at this firm can help with criminal law, real estate law, business law, and probate and estate administration. The lawyers at this firm have successfully negotiated multimillion-dollar settlements for wounded plaintiffs and have a wealth of trial litigation experience. The lawyers at this company are members of the Illinois State Bar Association and have several state licenses to practice law.

This law firm is based in Chicago and has a staff of nine lawyers. Its clients include individuals, families, and businesses. The firm is known for assisting clients with complex legal issues, such as probate, estate planning, and business transactions. Its attorneys are committed to delivering high-quality legal services and can handle any legal issue, whether it is simple or complicated.

Bruzgul & Associates is an estate planning and probate law firm that serves clients in Chicago and the surrounding area. The firm’s attorneys can help you with the process of preparing an estate plan, settling tax liens, and filing court papers. They can also assist you with a trust dispute or other litigation.

Chicago residents can obtain probate and estate planning legal services from The Law Offices of Brendan Davis. After all taxes and debts have been settled, its multi-attorney team arbitrates family estate disputes, contests or upholds a decedent’s will, and assigns estate assets to beneficiaries. The company can also assist you with filing for bankruptcy and starting a new company.

This 2013-founded legal practice helps customers with estate planning and probate matters. Its lawyers may assist you and your family with wills, trusts, and real estate matters, as well as with estate planning and probate issues. This firm’s attorneys are authorized to practice in Indiana and Illinois.

Where Would You Look for a Reputable Probate Attorney?


If you have an estate and want to make sure it goes to your beneficiaries after your death, you can have an attorney prepare a will or trust that specifies who gets what. The lawyer will also advise you on any steps that need to be taken to protect your assets from creditors. The best Probate Attorneys in Hollywood Florida will be experienced and compassionate. They will guide you through the process and take care of all legal issues. They will also help you with other aspects of estate planning such as creating healthcare proxies, power of attorneys, and living wills.

Gedeon & Morales Law Group serves individuals in Hollywood and nearby communities. It assists with various probate proceedings, including personal representative selection, property identification and valuation, heirs determination, will interpretation and litigation, and debts and taxes settlement. The firm can also handle contested matters, like a dispute over guardianship of minors and adults.

The office of OC Estate & Elder Law is located in Hollywood. Its lawyers have more than 70 years of combined experience assisting clients with probating a loved one’s estate and distributing assets. They also handle a range of other estate planning services, such as wills and trusts, power of attorney, health care proxies, and real estate. They can also represent you in corporate lawsuits and property disputes.

In addition to handling probate, this law firm handles other types of cases, such as divorce, child custody and support, paternity establishment, and spousal maintenance. Its team can also provide expert witness testimony for cases involving inheritance and estate law. The firm is a member of the Florida Bar.

Founded by principal Cynthia Catalino, this law firm assists with probate, trust administration, and family estate matters. It can assist with authenticating a will, securing assets for appraisal and distribution, filing legal documents, paying tax liabilities, and communicating with beneficiaries. The law firm also defends executors against claims of fiduciary irresponsibility.

Afshin Asher is a probate and estate planning attorney who works with clients in Hollywood. He has over three decades of experience and handles both formal and summary probate. He also helps clients collect assets, process a decedent’s debt and bills, and litigate estate planning and asset protection disputes. He offers home, virtual, and phone consultations.

Edward J. Jennings, P.A., serves clients in the Hollywood metro. Its attorneys can handle estate and trust administration matters, such as resolving beneficiary disputes, settling debts and taxes, and distributing assets to beneficiaries. Its attorneys can also draft wills and trusts, handle transfer-on-death assets, and administer trusts.

In California, a personal representative must conclude the probate process within a year from their appointment date unless they file a federal estate tax return, in which case they have 18 months to complete it. This timeframe is based on the value of the estate and the number of people involved in it. If there is a contested estate, the probate process can be lengthy. A lawyer can help you with these issues and keep you informed about your status throughout the process.

When Is the Right Time to Hire an Estate Planning Attorney?

Hiring an Estate Planning AttorneyWhen it comes to determining what happens to your property, heirs, and loved ones after you pass away, estate planning is an important matter. Choosing the best estate planning attorney in Chicago will help you create an effective plan that makes sense for your unique situation. You will want to ensure that your wishes are clearly stated and carried out. In addition, you will want to avoid disputes and legal challenges that may arise from a lack of planning or poorly drafted documents.

A good estate planning lawyer will have experience working with clients in situations similar to your own. They will also be familiar with local and state laws as they relate to estates, trusts, and probate. They will be able to assist you with creating or updating your last will and testament, power of attorney for healthcare and finances, and other essential planning tools such as living trusts, joint accounts, and beneficiary designations.

In addition to making a comprehensive estate plan, an estate planning attorney can also provide guidance regarding the taxation of your assets and the best ways to transfer them. This includes avoiding excess taxes with strategies such as trusts, gifts, and retirement plans. They can also provide insight and advice regarding charitable bequests, complex business structures, out-of-state or international real estate holdings, stepchildren, and problem children.

An estate planning attorney will also be able to assist with resolving conflicts and issues that may arise from your estate plan, such as a dispute between beneficiaries or a lawsuit filed by someone not named in the documents. The most common challenge is a family member disputing the validity of your will. In such cases, an experienced attorney will be able to help you navigate the legal process and avoid costly litigation.

How to Find a Reputable Estate Planning Attorney

Finding the right attorney will involve asking friends and family for recommendations. You will also want to ensure that the attorney has passed the bar in your state, as laws and probate procedures differ by location. In addition to looking for specific qualifications, it is important to consider the personality and comfort level of an estate planning attorney. This will be especially important as you will be sharing personal information and discussing your final wishes.

The process of creating an estate plan is typically fairly straightforward. A qualified estate planning attorney will start by meeting with you to discuss your needs, wants & goals and gather all necessary documentation. They will then review all options and draft the appropriate documents. The initial consultation will usually take 1 – 2 hours.

The cost of estate planning will vary depending on the complexity of your situation and the type of legal services you require. A simple will may only cost a few hundred dollars, but a more complex plan could potentially run into the thousands. The best way to determine how much you should expect to pay is by scheduling a free consultation with an attorney who specializes in your area of need.